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Welcome to Medimall Egg & Sperm Bank! Our mission? Is to help you reach your goal to become a parent and grow a happy, healthy family.

If egg, sperm or embryo donation (double donation of egg and sperm) are the only way to have a baby – like thousands of couples, singles and couples who have chosen that solution for many different reasons -, Medimall Egg & Sperm Bank is at your service.

Whoever you are, regardless of your marital status, sexual orientation, or gender identity, we give you the opportunity to get eggs, sperm and embryos from dozens of different phenotypes of women and men with characteristics (skin/hair/eye color, height, weight, blood type, race etc.) that match to yours.

Both egg and sperm donation can be done anonymously – where the donor’s identity is not disclosed to the recipient -, or they can be done with the option of a non-anonymous donation, where the donor’s identity is known: either a friend or a relative of yours, or a donor from Medimall Donor Bank.

It is important to note that there are legal and ethical considerations surrounding egg and sperm donation, and these can vary by country and region. We recommend consulting a medical professional and a legal expert to fully understand the implications of egg and sperm donation. All our donors are younger than 33 years, but in case you choose your own donor – friend or relative -, he/she should be no older than 40 years old. Focusing on health and safety, we are rigorously screening every candidate donor before accepting him/her into our programs. All controls, sperm collections, egg retrievals and verifications are done with our proven protocols at our premises. This way we ensure the highest standards of quality, safety and ethics.

Knowing that every year 500.000 babies are conceived through donation of eggs, sperm and embryos, there are now more than 5.500.000 children worldwide who have been born thanks to donation programs.

We are happy to help you turn your dreams for a family into reality!


Why choose Medimall Egg & Sperm Bank to become a parent?

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Babies are born each year from our donors
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We have the best donor for you

Using donated sperm, eggs or embryos is a major decision and selecting a donor can be overwhelming. Does the donor need to resemble you or your partner? What personal characteristics are you hoping your baby will have? Do you want the donor to look like someone of your family?

Fortunately, when it comes to choosing an egg and/or a sperm donor, a wealth of options is available: Medimall Donor Bank offers a large and diverse selection of high-quality egg and sperm donors who have been tested through our rigorous screening process: thorough health controls, extensive genetic and infectious disease testing, psychological assessment.

Additionally, our database features a great variety of available egg donors, to provide options for selecting a fresh egg donor for one-on-one match egg donation IVF cycle.

Our aim is to support the right of all loving couples and individuals to pursue their dreams of parenthood, including traditional married or unmarried couples, couples from the LGBTQ+ Community, and individuals seeking a single-parent family. The surrogacy service can be provided too, only if this is the only way to have a child. 

Are you ready for your fertility journey?

See the database of our donors and choose from a list of search criteria to find your best match.